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Ammonia Reduction

Stabilized formula that combines lactobacillus, functional metabolites from plants and clays for feed and manure applications.

Fermentation Activator

A combination of two active lactobacillus for fermentation activation designed for environmental sanitation and degradation of all organic matters (manures, litters and composting). 

Complies with the European standard NF U44-051, Organic Compost.

Water Quality Control

Liquid acidifier and decontaminating agent for drink water.

Complete and complementary acids solution: bacterial control / lowering buffer solutions / fungal control / biofilm prevention.

Drying Litter

Natural free flowing powder for drying and sanitizing litter, slatted floors and walk ways. Contains kaolin from South Britanny (France), natural essential oils and vegetable fibers, ideal for comfort, softness and ultra-absorption.

Suitable for all types of litters.

Ultra absorbant at 200%.

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